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Topic subjectRE: Black Street Liberization Organization
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4219, RE: Black Street Liberization Organization
Posted by bangkokkid, Tue Sep-09-03 03:04 AM
Im not gonna sit here and say the FOLKS aint responsible for alot of the fucked-upness in the ghetto. They are. However, to leave it their only tells half the story. FOLKS have done alot for the hood, which is why they're tolerated in many ways.

And the history is amazing.I dont know everything cause i aint never join but from what i know its along the lines of the Masons..

FOLKS tried to turn shit around and what happened when they did? The Feds shut em down. Chairman Hoover got like 150-200 years in the joint. They didn't really do shit before that, so I ask you, who's the bad guy? Seems to me when they was doing their part being the bad street gang cum drug cartel, shit was ok. Step away and they got a problem.Somthing dont add up....