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Posted by bangkokkid, Mon Sep-08-03 04:42 AM
The ghetto creates situations where people, namely black folk, have always done what we had to do to survive. Im confident that if given the chance, Chairman Hoover could have done what Puffy did. Conversely, if Puff was born in missisippi brought to the cold streets of chicago BACK THEN, he would've probably walked down the same path.

The ghetto aint nothing nice. I dont really know about other parts of the states, but in Chicago there aint SHIT in the projects. No YMCA, no sports clubs, no boy scouts. Brotherhood is found within the gang. Hell, i remember stayin with my grandparents back in the day and gettin free haircuts at the shop courtesy of the GD's. 10 dollars an A on report card day and stuff like that. In many respects, they did what the government sould have been doing in the first place.

Hell, im just talking about FOLKS....

To put it in perspective, the whole gang thing and Chicago-

Gangs have become a major economic force in the city, said Steven Levitt, a University of Chicago economist. He estimated their annual profit from drugs at about $500 million, about two-thirds of 1 percent of Chicago's gross domestic product, a measure of goods and services moving through the economy.

Tom Donahue, a federal drug enforcement coordinator there, called that figure "conservative" and said the total is closer to $1 billion.