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4199, More stuff for another post...
Posted by MALACHI, Mon Sep-08-03 04:04 AM
Here you've got this guy Larry "King" Hoover in charge of a 35 state, 30,000 member organization that is grossing 100,000,000 per year! This cat evidently has the ability and charisma to lead others, knows how to delegate authority, knows how to instill discipline in others,(truly making them DISCIPLES) knows how to develop loyalty, has obvious organiztional skills, knows how to manage huge amounts of cash, knows how to handle the recruiting of new, eager "employees", possesses outstanding marketing and sales acumen, and has a program set up for crisis management.(getting another crew on the street when one crew is arrested) This brother has multi-tasking down to the point where it is as natural as breathing. How much would a corporation pay for a CEO that could do all of these things so well? Better yet, what if Mr. Hoover began a legal entrepreneurial venture, and threw the same amount of business knowledge, foresight and hard work into legal business as he has done into his illegal venture?
What if he used his abilities and resources to build up our communities instead of tear them down? What if he fought as passionately to keep drugs OUT of neighborhoods, as he does to flood neighborhoods with that poison? What if there were 10 of these "new and improved" Larry "King" Hoovers? I know what I am saying is utopian, but it is a beautiful dream.