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Topic subjectThing about Chicago is..
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4196, Thing about Chicago is..
Posted by bangkokkid, Sun Sep-07-03 01:30 AM
Street gangs got history. GD's and VL's been holding it down, and in alot of cases, helping their neighborhoods for decades. But don't get it twisted, stupid ass kids still front and try to get mixed up in a gang culture they dont even understand. Instead of learning the history behind it, they glorify the fashion and the gun tottin' part of it.

Bloods and Crips are affliated with gangs in the Chi (vice lords and GDs respectively) but because Gang banging in Chicago is very much a multi million dollar drug indtry, aint nobody trying to give that up.

NYC gang shit perplexes me and got alot folks back home (west side chicago) thinkin... "whats wrong with them niggas?" cause as far as i know, NYC peoples was supposed to be past that shit.