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Topic subjectyeah, that shit is crazy
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4195, yeah, that shit is crazy
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Sat Sep-06-03 01:31 PM
Supposedly the Bloods in NY started in Riker's Island and it spread from there. I still don't know what scale they're operating at in NY, but I know they're there. I remember hearing a couple of years ago that there were Bloods in NY running around slashing people in the face with boxcutters for wearing red, and I was like WTF?!?!

I'm the same as your boys, I NEVER thought they'd be in NY... but there they are. They're even in fucking Long Island, this kid in Roosevelt got killed last year apparently by the Bloods. That shit is crazy.

It's only natural, actual facts are thrown at you
The impact'll blow trees back and crack statues
Million dollar rap crews fold, check the sick shit
Explicit, I crystalize the rhyme so you can sniff it

- Inspectah Deck, "It's Yourz"