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Topic subjectRE: That is exactly what I noticed about New York,
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4189, RE: That is exactly what I noticed about New York,
Posted by rhulah, Mon Sep-08-03 05:36 AM

You observations are correct indeed. But, there NYC has a "loooonnng" gang history that date back to the 1850's. Many where enclaves of immigrants who came from Europe looking for a better way of life (as seen in "Gangs of New York). This preceeded some of the infamous "criminal organizations" in the world from the Italian Mafia, to Jewish and Irish families. All this spilled over into other ethnic groups such: Puerto Rican, Blacks, Dominicans, Haitians and what have you.

the fact that there were a bunch of fairly tight-knit local
>crews. Kinda like in the movie "Juice". I know the crack
>game played a big factor in the spread of Crip and Blood
>"sets" spreading around the country, but I always figured
>that N.Y. had their own crews hustling strong enough to
>prevent any outsiders from doing business on their blocks.
>But if I am reading you correctly, there is really no
>connection between these N.Y. "Bloods" and "Crips" and the
>ones back in L.A. These kids are just latching on to
>bandanas and running wild. Dang, thats ALMOST AS BAD as
>letting niggas come and take over your block. Yeah I
>remember the days when the biggest knucklehead New York
>niggas looked down on gangbanging as the stupidest ish you
>could do...now it looks like they are jumping into it with
>both feet.