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Topic subjectRE: You mean to tell me that
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4188, RE: You mean to tell me that
Posted by THE TROLL UNDER THE BRIDGE, Mon Sep-08-03 02:48 PM
you right

decepts, wolf pack, lo-lives, lp, 90's mafia, all that is the brooklyn i grew up in...it was silly like hell..in truth cali cats were wmore about killing each other and picknicks..we mainly joined crews because we are like monkeys looking for a group (i can admit that now)...the bloods and cripts stuff is alien to the nyc landscape...but i am not surprised...cause though new york and new yorkers do set trends..never once meant they didnt copy (what were they sampling?0 and twist it around (moonwalking is not from sheepshead bay/crown heights/or flatbush for that matter)....truth be told innovation is over...and i am sure this bloods and crypts stuff in nyc is just some morph of what those dudes stood for (like i know what they stood for..lol)...some cats were pink too..claim sets..blah blah blah...but at least they dont do drive bys..and for the most part appear (in my ignorant opnion) less threatning that bigger lp or skeletor or tip-top and other bklyn (and nyc at large) heads who scared the crap out of each other with razor blades and their uncles 32....

btw..i think my neice is a crypt...yes i said my niece...her answer to me confronting her about it on my mothers behalf was "you smoked weed and hung out when you were younger...i dont do none of that...and ma just dont like my friends.." (pretty much something to that effect)...funny, i told my bigger brother almost the same thing....evolution is a funny thing..hence bloods and crypts in ny..