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Topic subjectRE: X-Clan?!?! Dear lord...
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4186, RE: X-Clan?!?! Dear lord...
Posted by rhulah, Mon Sep-08-03 05:47 AM

yeah, but the Five Points was a real intersection in Lowe Manhattan that these gangs did meet to do battle.

>Were their colors red, black & green too? Man, that is some
>dumb shit.
>And yeah, Decepticons is kinda a corny name for a street
>gang - I'm just a fanatical Transformers fan, what can I
>Street gangs have always had stupid names, though. You see
>Gangs of New York? Although fictionalized, it was based on
>actual events & used the actual gang names from back then,
>such as the Dead Rabbits & the Plug Uglies. I guess dumb
>names just go with the territory.
>It's only natural, actual facts are thrown at you
>The impact'll blow trees back and crack statues
>Million dollar rap crews fold, check the sick shit
>Explicit, I crystalize the rhyme so you can sniff it
>- Inspectah Deck, "It's Yourz"