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Topic subjectLook, I feel you your pain...
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4174, Look, I feel you your pain...
Posted by dhalgren718, Fri Sep-05-03 10:04 AM
I live in a neighborhood that was just local crews up until 3-4 years ago... now kids are flagging like it's a fashion statement. Largely, it is. These aren't the multi-generational Black mafia-style gangs of LA or Chicago: these are sueprficial trappings of 'gang lifestyle' that will pass. We're in a phase of New York where crime is down, and most of the heavy older cats from the block are serving DECADES. Kids are looking for some sort of crime culture to latch onto, and this is what they've found. Our Bloods started as a prison gang, and the Crips are really just crack dealers who like blue.

These are MTV gangsters. Not to say they're not dangerous, just saying they have no concept of anything beyond the dress code and some gang signs.

As for Chicago? Sheeeeeeit... that's some who other 'nother shit.