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Topic subjectDon't get it twisted...
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4173, Don't get it twisted...
Posted by MALACHI, Sat Sep-06-03 08:56 AM
New York DOES set trends. I'm not saying that the media is not N.Y. "centric". But to say that there isn't a trendsetting "vibe" in New York is to be blind to the truth. First of all, N.Y. is the fashion capitol of the United States. My mother goes there every October to shop because she knows she'll find stuff there that she won't find anywhere else. You know what else has its birthplace in N.Y.? This culture that we all love so much known as Hip-Hop; emceeing, deejaying, breakdancing, dope grafitti art...this stuff did not start in Pittsburg, Kansas City, Shreveport, or Phoenix. They started in the Big Apple.