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Topic subjectWTC 1
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4162, WTC 1
Posted by dhalgren718, Thu Sep-11-03 09:23 AM
... you're right. But that was EARLY in Clinton's career, yes. Not unlike how 9/11 was early in Bush's career. So by your standards of attrition, HOW IS THAT NOT BUSH ONE'S FAULT?

Clinton's foreign policy amounted to 'don't rattle the bee's nest.' His policy reflected a softer approach to expanding U.S. goals, very much like Carter. Please explain how it weakened us as a nation.

Bush Two OPENED HIS PRESIDENCY BY CALLING IRAQ, IRAN AND N. KOREA an 'AXIS OF EVIL.' What did he think, they'd sit back and say, 'Hey, y'know? He's right! Let's let all our political prisoners go and start opening McDonalds!'