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Posted by keithdawg, Fri Sep-12-03 04:19 AM
But I would like to see a prez who launches a war on the causes of terrorism ... the Bush administration tactics only serve as fodder to additional terrorism.

If Bush was allocating the ridiculous amounts of money towards actually safeguarding the country, I'd give him a high five ... as far as I know, Iraq has NEVER killed an American civilian.

"You fasten all the triggers,
For the others to fire,
Then you sit back and watch,
As the death count gets higher"-Bob Dylan

"Maybe you'll be president,
But know right from wrong,
Or in the flood,
You'll build an Ark,
And sail us to the moon"-Thom Yorke

"I'm in heaven trying to figure out which stack they're going to stuff us atheists into,
When Peter and his monkey laugh and i laugh with them,
I'm not sure what at,
They point and say we'll keep you in the back polishing halos, baking manna and gas"-Modest Mouse