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Topic subjectClinton didn't launch
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4154, Clinton didn't launch
Posted by keithdawg, Thu Sep-11-03 09:43 AM
A multi-hundred-billion dollar war on terrorism, adamantly claiming he would protect us against ‘those who hate our freedom’, yet carelessly allocating much of those billions of dollars towards fighting a country that has never posed a threat to American national security.

"You fasten all the triggers,
For the others to fire,
Then you sit back and watch,
As the death count gets higher"-Bob Dylan

"Maybe you'll be president,
But know right from wrong,
Or in the flood,
You'll build an Ark,
And sail us to the moon"-Thom Yorke

"I'm in heaven trying to figure out which stack they're going to stuff us atheists into,
When Peter and his monkey laugh and i laugh with them,
I'm not sure what at,
They point and say we'll keep you in the back polishing halos, baking manna and gas"-Modest Mouse