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Topic subjectABC News smuggles depleted uranium past U.S. borders
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4137, ABC News smuggles depleted uranium past U.S. borders
Posted by dhalgren718, Wed Sep-10-03 01:53 PM

OKAYCONSERVATIVES: Please tell me how much more secure we are under the Bush junta. After reading this, I feel MUCH safer having surrendered my civil liberties, watched the national deficit balloon higher than even one year under the Marshal Plan, and watched two different nations invaded.

MUCH safer.

My city gets fucking bombed, and two years later, we STILL haven't received the Federal Aid we were promised, Osama bin Laden is STILL at large, and all we have is a gay fucking color coded alert system to tell us when someone MIGHT be feeling a tad un-American one day. We get told about the ADDITIONAL sacrafices 'we're' going to have to make, but not one fucking Senator has family on the front lines.

Looks like those 3,000 dead CERTAINLY served a purpose, huh.