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Posted by Chike, Fri Sep-12-03 09:04 AM
>That by saying, "From Latinos," they were only talking about
>the individuals who wrote the letter, who are Latinos.

I also said on behalf of all Latinos who feel the same as they do.

>Therefore, by YOUR LOGIC, you can use general terms to talk
>about specific people.

Yes. But "Latinos hate black people" uncontextualized sounds like it's referring to Latinos in general. Heck you could make it sound feasible by saying "Latinos hate black people. Latinos love black people. They are born here. They are born abroad." etc. Your feeling is that the title of the letter sounded like it was referring to Latinos in general. I disagree, but I don't think it matters. My challenge in my last reply was meant to show that I don't think the text of the letter indicates that all Latinos feel the same.