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4099, thanks for the post!
Posted by Zorasmoon, Sun Sep-07-03 06:08 AM
Logical statements have to abide by certain rules and restrictions. In order for a statement to be logical, it must be falsifiable, which means that it has to be presented in such a way that it could be proven incorrect. A statement is not logical if it cannot be tested to make sure it is true. --graveyardofthegods.net

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"Imagine all the people ..."
living for today" ... Lennon definitely summed up this phenomenon in the simplest, yet most eloquent fashion I've ever heard.
Seriously, we have half the world living their lives, hating others, denouncing curse words, carbombing infidels, starving themselves, burning witches, condemning heathens, wiping out populations, ignoring science and running from the problems of today based on the ridiculous notion that this life is nothing but a stepping stone to heaven, or a diving platform to hell, unless you bow down to *god*." -okp keithdawg

"Those who can see the legacy of the past in the present are better equipped to challenge the status quo."-Anna Agbe-Davies on African-American Archaeology


Recommended reading:

******Parable of the Sower- by Octavia Butler*******
Story about a hyper-empath who becomes the founder of a humanist cult created to transform the destiny of humankind

******The spirit of Terrorism- Jean Baudrillard*******
A MUST read for every thinking being
online copy @