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Topic subjectYou're wrong
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4092, You're wrong
Posted by MrMick, Fri Sep-12-03 05:01 AM
A) Even though I am white skinned, my mom is Mexican. So don't act like this is some "white folks are scared" type of shit.

B) You believe a huge lie about this country if you think that class can just be changed overnight. Yes, a very few number of people can win a lottery ticket and be set, but this country has a huge sustem in place to oppress the poor and keep the rich rich.

C) If it's about the poor coming together than let it be about that. Yes, blacks and latinos should not be divided, nor should they be divided from whites. You need to realize that if this division remains, then the focus will still be deflected from the oppression of the poor.

D) Using crude insults is no way to get your point across, and doesn't take the place of a substantive argument.