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Posted by blackfists, Sun Sep-07-03 05:26 AM
>Solidarity is the essence of the struggle.
>Until all economic, social, and politically disenfranchised
>people come together, We will never come up. This is what
>made activism in the sixities and seventies so powerful. Why
>have we forgot this lesson from the past...

This statement is 100% CORRECT! Solidarity is the essence of the struggle & the only way that we are going to "beat" this is by joining together..

I can go to the White House or to Capitol Hill or anywhere in DC & scream at the top of my lungs all the important issues that effect African Americans, Latinos & people of the African Diaspora. What good is it going to do? Probably none... I will probably end up in jail, for disturbing the peace, or even worse,under this new Homeland Security BS go to jail for committing some sort of terrorist act. But if I joined together with as many people possible, think big like a couple million people, have nationally known leaders to help support & tell them, "Hey we are not going to accept the BS that you have been dealing us & we want change!" Then I think that we would have a better chance of getting our issues across & coming to some sort of conclusion of getting what we want.

One of the reasons that this generation has "forgot" these lessons is:

Today we live in an integrated society. For the most part, when segregation was legal... People of color had to depend on their own systems (economic, social, educational, political, and so on) When segregation became illegal,

Think about Harlem and the other thriving black communities back in the day. These neighborhoods were totally dependent on themselves. You had an abundance of Black owned businesses and everything that you could have wanted or needed to survive in society was right there in your neighborhood. Groceries, shoes, doctors, dentists, restaurants, nightclubs, churches, music, hairdressers, barbers, everything.. Right there.

At this point in time, we were totally dependent on ourselves. We did not have to depend on white society for anything (maybe some tax dollars to pave the roads or for the schools or shit like that) When integration came along, which capitalism played a huge part in it... Black people abandoned all of the black owned businesses in their communities to go shop at white establishments... With the belief that "the white man's stuff is better" (not saying who's was better than who's) but in some cases shopping in the white neighborhood was better... The prices were lower, the quality of the produce & meats were better, etc...

So once we were integrated, the struggle shifted from US as a people to ME, MYSELF & I.

what do you think?