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3796, RE: Oh, PLEASE!
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Tue Oct-14-03 01:04 AM
>In fact, Israel is one of the few directly proportional
>states in the whole world. They have a list system. This
>works in the following manner, a list of people's names with
>corresponding parties on is drawn up. Then people vote for
>the party. This is directly proportional (certain people
>dont get elected if their party doesnt recieve enough
>votes). Mow this is good and bad. It is bad because it
>allows religous nutters to have a hold over right wing
>governments, because they can form powerful coalitions of
>religous nutters and sway the vote. But this doesnt happen
>in say Iran, where the religous nutters run the country with
>no legitimacy at all.

Yes, Iran is a regressive state. Everyone recognizes that, now we need to bring to attention that Israel is equally, if not more, oppressive. It doesn't matter how many ballots the people of a country cast, it is not a democracy when there is different laws that apply to different ethnic and religious groups. Israeli-Arabs, for example, are NOT allowed to live in certain parts of Israel! A country that occupies territories and violates the sovereignty of another nation by building settlements and stealing resources CANNOT by any definition call itself a democracy.

>Admittedly things arent great on the Palestinian side of
>this. This is largely because they have refused to accept
>the existence of the state of Israel, so it is obviously
>quite hard for them to find political parties that state
>their case in the Knesset. Im not going to pretend it is all
>their fault either, right wing scum like Sharon are racists,
>and dont want the Arabs involved.

Yes, a people like Sharon, who you aknowledge as a racist, have been the driving force of Zionism for over 100 years now.

> In fact, I think they of even have banners that boast this.
>Once again, nobody is defending Arab States.
>You seem to be judging them on different criteria than you
>are judging Israel on...

Of course I judge them based on different criteria -THEY ARE NOT OCCUPYING SOMEONE ELSE'S LAND! Also, they don't even pretend to be democratic! Israel does!

>Zionism IS racism because it is imperative that this
>movement displace a non-Jewish population in order to
>establish itself as a Jewish majority.
>This argument is quite circular really. If the Palestinians
>are going to have their own state then they will be
>displacing Israeli settlers ( a jewish minority) in order to
>establish itself as a Palestinian majority.

Wow, this is as desperate as an argument can get. Look, Palestinians and Palestine supporters who demand a secular one state solution are not asking for a state that is "Palestinian in character". I am talking about a bi-national state in which Jews and Palestinians are free to go about the nation as they please! Further, I demand that all Palestinian refugees have a right to return to their historical Palestinian homeland. Furthermore, the settlers in the occupied territories are settled illegal by international law, they deserve to be displaced. Palestinians, in Palestine, are not occupying anybody's land. If the Jews want historical Israel of over 2000 years ago, then they sure went about the wrong way of taking it.

> It is integral to creating a state that is "Jewish in
>character". By the way, have you read Finkelstein yet?
>Yup, I read the whole trilogy, and did my work with the
>other hand.

I don't know what trilogy you are talking about. I'm talking about Norman Finkelstein, the writer of "The Holocaust Industry" and "Image and Reality of the Israel/Palestine Conflict"(oh, he destroys Benny Morris in this book).