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Topic subjectRE: zionism is racism
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3784, RE: zionism is racism
Posted by Eli_B, Thu Oct-09-03 07:35 PM
>>Wanting a country for your people is racism?
>Yes it is. Wanting a country for "your own people" is based
>on archaic and racist views. My argument is that for the
>most part, the people who were run out of historical
>Palestine want their home back. Quite literally their or
>their parents's home, They want their house (if it's still
>standing), their shops,their cultural institutions. There
>is no mythical basis to the Palestinian's clame on
>Palestine. It is theirs,plain and simple. The only justice
>will come from a unified secular and non nationalistic

Co-sign!!! That is the only TRUE JUSTICE. Palestine for Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Right of return for the refugees, democratic, secular Palestine. Unified Jerusalem!