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Topic subjectRE: Wow, logical argument is beyond you I guess
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3774, RE: Wow, logical argument is beyond you I guess
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Mon Oct-13-03 03:34 PM
>I swear I told you before, it isnt a grown up conversation
>when you start attacking the people you are conversing with.
>Since you know a lot about history, why dont you go and do
>that, since you clearly relate with books better than

I honestly don't know where I insulted you however you do seem to get frustrated when people argue against you. You don't seem to know how to defend yourself in this situation and it is not because you are stupid. It is because you have much to learn on the topic. If I did insult you, which upon re-reading what I wrote I don't think I said anything insulting, then you probably deserved it for accusing me of justifying extremism. That is as big an insult as you can give. Furthermore, if you still feel insulted then you need to grow some thicker skin.

About the history comment, actually I take that as a complement. I'm glad you find me intelligent in history. Now maybe you should try and listen to what I am saying.