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Topic subjectRE: Wow, logical argument is beyond you I guess
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3773, RE: Wow, logical argument is beyond you I guess
Posted by insanejake, Tue Oct-14-03 03:33 AM

>At what point did I bring up anti-semitism?
At this point: " If you like, I will sew a yellow star of david into the arse of my trousers so you can come and kick it."

Surely this is similar to saying "you can kiss my black arse goodbye"

And at this point:"And if it makes you happy man, why dont we kill all the running dog imperialist, colonialist, slave trading jews who live in Israel and make the poor innocent palestinians live's soooo difficult."

Isnt that what you want the Israelis to say? Isnt this basically what you think? There wasnt one anti-semitic comment in there as fas as I can tell.

That's fine, a university degree does not guarantee you any real skills in critical thinking

Nope, true but I have done a bit of that as well. I did an Anthropology degree, I have been reading since I was 4.

Your argument about Suicide bombings and vomiting, Im pretty sure that goes the other way too....