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Topic subjectRE: Wow, logical argument is beyond you I guess
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3772, RE: Wow, logical argument is beyond you I guess
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Tue Oct-14-03 12:47 AM
>At what point did I bring up anti-semitism?

At this point: " If you like, I will sew a yellow star of david into the arse of my trousers so you can come and kick it."

And at this point:"And if it makes you happy man, why dont we kill all the running dog imperialist, colonialist, slave trading jews who live in Israel and make the poor innocent palestinians live's soooo difficult."

>At what point did I call you a racist?

See quotations above

>I have a job bro, I already went to uni.

That's fine, a university degree does not guarantee you any real skills in critical thinking

>And here is the point where you start being personal:
>Yet you seem like you know exactly what Palestinians should
>do. What a smart man you must be!

Yes, you seem to focus on suicide bombings when suicide bombings are a product of occupation. I hate vomiting, I think it is disgusting but if I drink too much then I know that I will vomit. Vomit is a product of drinking to much just as suicide bombing is a product of occupation. Do you get it? It doesn't mean I like it but Israeli blood is on Likud hands.