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Topic subjectRE: Wow, logical argument is beyond you I guess
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3770, RE: Wow, logical argument is beyond you I guess
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Mon Oct-13-03 03:27 PM
Oh my god, he's completely lost it! Look, I never said killing is right, I only said there are conditions that create killing that need to be addressed so that people do not kill anymore.

Oh and I also love how you try and turn this into a big anti-semitism thing! You must have really been watching those OJ Simpson trials real close in order to learn how to play the racism card so easily. Is this argument really that difficult for you to argue rationally? You know, without calling me a racist when I have clearly not said one racist comment about anyone!

I suggest you read Norman Finkelstein, he is a Jewish professor in New York and his perspective is very similar to mine. Educate yourself on critical logic.