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Topic subjectRE: Yes it's okay to allocate fault.
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3766, RE: Yes it's okay to allocate fault.
Posted by insanejake, Sun Oct-12-03 11:04 PM
And if there was no Diaspora the Jews wouldnt have left in the first place. Ghandi is a prime example of someone changing the injustices in his country without violence.

Palestinians and Arabs in the area only bothered to negotiate after they had declared war and been beaten several times. Seems to me that extremist reactions to nationalist nation building begat extreme reactions from the soldiers of sovereign nations.....

Ill say it again man. Killing people is wrong. If you are killing people you are wrong, and if you support the killing of people you are probably wrong. There is rarely a situation that needs violence as a solution. Imagine if the Palestinians all had a sit in along the old border? The Israelis couldnt do shit. As long as extremists keep blowing themselves up, and people like you keep justifying it, people wont have much sympathy for the Palestinians, because they will be seen (rightly or wrongly) as extremist guerilla terrorists who go out of their way to kill innocent people, regardless of the fact that the majority of Palestinians arent actually like this and do not agree with it, just like most Israelis arent baby murdering scum who go out of their way to make Palestinian lives miserable.