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Topic subjectRE: Yes it's okay to allocate fault.
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3763, RE: Yes it's okay to allocate fault.
Posted by Eli_B, Fri Oct-10-03 02:42 PM
>How exactly did the British help Jews establish the State of
>Israel? In '48 when every Arab country declared war on
>Israel minutes after its independence was declared, it was
>the British that were busy confiscating arms shipments to
>the new country that didn't even have an army yet.

Not taking into account the non-Palestinian Arab nations' "invasion" of Israel minutes after it was declared independent, it is well documented that Zionist militias were the aggressors against the Palestinians prior to Israel's declaration of independence, and also before one single non-Palestinian Arab soldier stepped foot in British-mandate Palestine. Much of the land Israel ended up with after the 1948-49 war was captured from virtually defenseless Palestinians BEFORE the Arabs invaded. Cities and villages such as Deir Yassin, Al-Lydd, Ramleh, Jaffa, among others were invaded, captured, and for the most part had their Arab residents greatly reduced or completely eliminated, via death or expulsion.