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Topic subjectRE: Yes it's okay to allocate fault.
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3762, RE: Yes it's okay to allocate fault.
Posted by jumanji3000, Fri Oct-10-03 01:32 PM
the Zionist movement that was responsible
>for settling the State of Israel with the help of the
>British HAD to displace 750,000 Palestinian Arabs in order
>to create a state that is "Jewish in character".

How exactly did the British help Jews establish the State of Israel? In '48 when every Arab country declared war on Israel minutes after its independence was declared, it was the British that were busy confiscating arms shipments to the new country that didn't even have an army yet. British troops and officials did everything in their power, up until the minute the last one was out of the country, to spite the Jews living in Palestine/Israel.

>Palestinians did not cause the Jews any harm prior to losing
>their lands, homes and dignity

Talk to all the people who worked security on early kibbutzim that defended the farmers from Arab mobs.

Don't get me wrong. I agree that Israel has done it's fair share of messed up shit and I'm not trying to place all blame on the Palestinians.

Twisted logic:
"Zionist Israel's occupation of Arab Palestine has forced the Arab world to waste billions of precious dollars on armaments making it impossible for these newly independent Arab nations to concentrate on strengthening the economies of their countries and elevate the living standard of their people."
-Malcolm X