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Topic subjectRE: zionism is racism
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3759, RE: zionism is racism
Posted by insanejake, Thu Oct-09-03 10:52 PM
Here we have a rational post. Nice one man.

I agree with you wholeheartedly. And I must add that moderate Israelis (like my family) do not want the Palestinians expelled and do what they can to alleviate the bad treatment of Palestinians.

When people say "Dont the Jews remember the holocaust?" in reference to the middle east, people dont realise that a lot of Jews in Israel had nothing to do with it. They were Ghettoised in Russia, or living in Northern Africa, as well as central Europe. People like my grandparents, have an pretty close understanding of racial persecution, since they fled it and had their families murdered. This is why they (and I) are against the persectution of palestinians. They are also against the extremism that is poisoning both sides of the country.