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Topic subjectRE: zionism is racism
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3757, RE: zionism is racism
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Thu Oct-09-03 10:43 AM
Like Eli said, do some research. I suggest you read "Arabs and Israel for beginners". Its not an insult, this book will actually give you a fair overview of the facts started from before Jews even existed (Jews actually were of the same decent as Arabs before Judaism came to exist).

Wanting a homeland is one thing, wanting a homeland for your people at the expense of another people is racism. The prevailing and official Zionist line on the creation of Israel is based completely on the expulsion of Arabs from the lands of Palestine -which the British stole for them in the first place. Secondly, no nation state should be formed on religious affiliation. Just as nobody should be allowed to form a Muslim state or a Christian state, it makes no sense for a state to be formed as a Jewish State. A Jewish State who's laws discriminate, humiliate and make miserable the lives of non-Jews.

Palestinians are not seeking a homeland that requires the expulsion of another people in order for this goal to be fulfilled. They just want to go back to their traditional homes and villages that they had lost by force over 50 years ago. A notable Palestinian was asked "What are you going to do if you finally get back to your old and that your home has already been taken by a Jewish family? Are you going to kick them out?" The man smiled and responded "No, we will just have to build a second floor and live there"