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Topic subjectRE: zionism is racism
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3753, RE: zionism is racism
Posted by TheSauce, Wed Oct-08-03 02:09 PM
>bottom line

Not exactly. Historically there have been different forms of Zionism and there is a marked difference between pre and post WWII Zionism. Before it was more about a movement to allow Jews to be able to immigrate to the region, much like they would immigrate to any other country and live within the existing political system.

After WWII the conservative hawks in the Zionist movement saw the opportunity to get their agenda out, because no Western country would dare refuse a Jewish demand after the Holocaust. Especially the US, who was guilty of turning away Polish refugees fleeing Hitler (like my grandfather, thank god Canada granted him asylum). They effectively hi-jacked the Zionist movement, it was their idea to create a Jewish State and disposses the people living there.

When this started happening a lot of liberal Zionists, like Chomsky, left the movement because the aftermath of the Holocaust had forced it so far to the right.