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Topic subjectRE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
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3750, RE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Wed Oct-08-03 11:45 AM
You miss the point then. Suicide bombimg, I said, was symptomatic of the humilation that is induced by occupation. To say otherwise would be to suggest that Palestinians are somehow predisposed to suicide bombing -which is the line of the Israeli right. End the Occupation, create one secular, democratic state and THEN the violence will stop. When I say the violence will stop I do not mean that it will consciously stop, but that by law of nature, the conditions of violence will deteriorate. Just think of the Israeli man who lost his daughter but still said that the suicide bomber was just as much a victim as his daughter. The point is, Israeli policy regarding this colonial occupation is the creator of suicide bombers. The blood of Israelis is on the Israeli govt's hands until this occupation ends.

Furthermore, it is harder to not put more blame on the general migrant Israeli population. If you move to Israel from anywhere in the world, and you take advantage of your Jewish status, then chances are that you support the occupation and that have officially achieved military target status. An occupation requires human beings to occupy a space, these occupiers have revoked their own status as civilians the moment they supported an occupation. This does not apply to all second generation "Israelis" because they were born on the land and really had no other choice. So when children die, then it is truly sad. But once again, that blood is on Isreali Zionist hands.

And regarding your last sentence... absitively, posolutely NO PEACE can ever be achieved without first achieving the presence of JUSTICE.