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Topic subjectRE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
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3749, RE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
Posted by mansface, Wed Oct-08-03 11:05 AM
The Palestinians have the right to resist the occupation of their land, that is without a doubt. But when you say "by any means necessary", I really have to object in the strongest possible terms. Wiping out 3 generations of 2 families, women and children, Jews and Arabs, those involved in the occupation and those who had nothing to do with it - nothing can justify this, nothing at all.

Just as moderate Palestinians should not be held accountable for the actions of those among them who murder civilians, Israeli civilians should not be held accountable for the crimes of the Israeli state.

It's very easy to say that Israel is the one at greater fault, since it is the one who hold all the power and it's very creation is what started this whole tragedy. However, true as this may be, it doesn't get us anywhere. The only way forward without endless bloodshed is peace, and any peace must allow for the viable existence of both Israel and Palestine.