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Topic subjectRE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
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3748, RE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
Posted by Pinko_Panther, Wed Oct-08-03 10:16 AM
The Palestinians have nothing to be sorry for and have no fault in this matter. This f*cked up logic that "Palestinian and Israelis are equally wrong" is the same logic that the Israeli government uses to apply a policy of collective punishment. I'll explain that more later but first...

This extreme and classical form of colonialism by the Israelis is a theft of land and occupation that has been imposed on the Palestinian people by means of expensive military hardware, helicopters, tanks and bombs. These things are funded at the rate of atleast 5 billion dollars a year from the US and whatever else amount of Israeli tax dollars goes into this genocide machine.

On the other side, Palestinians have been denied an army or a means of fighting back. Hence, local groups of crazies form their own militia. IE, if the US didn't have an army then I'm sure the Michigan Militia would jump right in. Furthermore, in the words of an Israeli Jew who lost his daughter in a suicide bomb blast "Yes I am angry, but I must ask myself how much I may have contributed to this. I think about the checkpoints, the five to seven hour that the Palestinians have to spend in traffic everyday just to get to their jobs. The water being stolen from them by Israeli settlements. Watching soldiers bully elderly ladies on a daily basis. This is the kind of humiliation they must face. I truly believe that the suicide bomber who murdered my daughter was just as much a victim as my daughter was."

To have equal blame in something, you need many equal conditions. You need equal wealth on both sides, equal military force, equal right to ignore UN resolutions(about 60 of them), equal access to all the land (think of how much land an Israeli can use and how much a Palestinian can use) and many more. This occupation has been imposed on the Palestinians and they have nothing to be sorry about.

Lastly, people like Arafat have been strategically been granted legitimate power by Israel to speak on behalf of Palestinians. No Palestinian has ever agreed to Arafat as a leader for Palestinians. This is why so many Palestinians just go off and do their action. It is precisely because Israel has robbed them of an opportunity to rule themselves. So back to this concept of collective punishment. Just because the Palestinian leadership, which Israel is responsible for, is corrupt and dirty, all of a sudden all Palestinians are at fault for what is going on. This is exactly what Israel's murderous army does. A suicide bombing occurs and Israel responds not with an attack on any militant target, but Israel responds by levelling the whole village that the bomber was from. So they punish a whole poor and starving committee for the actions of others. This is also how the South African apartheid military behaved. If a black man stood up to a white man, then the whole neighborhood that they black man came from would be terrorized.

Palestinians have a right to resist by any means necessary!