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Topic subjectRE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
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3744, RE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
Posted by Eli_B, Sun Oct-12-03 06:20 PM
>why give them such a convenient method of distraction then?
>the palestinians have long been considered the "white trash"
>of the arab world, and they are being played as pawns by
>those who would like to see the end of a jewish state. many
>of the displaced are "refugees" because of the wars launched
>against israel by its neighors. give me a break with the
>whole "occupation" thing. i mean, we're "occupying" land
>that almost none of our ancestors have any connection to.

While I agree that the rest of the Arabs don't give a shit about Palestinians (Jordan's Black September mass killings in the 1970s, Sabra and Shatilla in Lebanon in the 1980s, expulsions from Kuwait in the 1990s, and now anti-Palestinian sentiment in post-Saddam Iraq because of Saddam's pro-Palestinian favoritism). However, many of the Palestinian refugees in 1948 were expelled by Zionist militias BEFORE Arabs invaded Israel. And Israel is responsible for the Palestinian refugees. It was ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE for Israel to carry out the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, either thru expulsion, genocide, or both to create a Jewish majority in what became Israel. You have the massacre at Deir Yassin in April 1948, (one month before a single Arab soldier stepped foot inside Israel). You also have the ethnic cleansing of Arabs from Haifa, Ramleh, Lydda, and other cities in the weeks before May 15, 1948, the day the Arabs "invaded."

>Jews, Muslims, Israelies, Palestinians, Christians, all have
>a historical and religious connection to that incredibly
>small piece of land. We live in the same world, and the
>decisions to kill each other or not are everyone's own.