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Topic subjectRE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
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3743, RE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
Posted by weez, Sun Oct-12-03 12:59 PM
>Apparently, weez, you're not getting it, so I'm just gonna
>stop it right here.

i think we have a fundamentally different way of viewing the situation, so that is most likely the best idea.

>And the crux of the problem is not suicide bombing. It is
>just a convenient way for Israel and its supporters to
>deflect attention away from the main problem: the occupation
>of Palestine.

why give them such a convenient method of distraction then? the palestinians have long been considered the "white trash" of the arab world, and they are being played as pawns by those who would like to see the end of a jewish state. many of the displaced are "refugees" because of the wars launched against israel by its neighors. give me a break with the whole "occupation" thing. i mean, we're "occupying" land that almost none of our ancestors have any connection to.

Jews, Muslims, Israelies, Palestinians, Christians, all have a historical and religious connection to that incredibly small piece of land. We live in the same world, and the decisions to kill each other or not are everyone's own.