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Topic subjectRE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
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3741, RE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
Posted by weez, Sat Oct-11-03 08:07 PM

>It's not rhetoric, MOST of what I say
>is based on fact.

so what is the rest based on???? half truths and rhetoric.

>And like it or not, that is the truth, that Israel will not
>have security if it continues to do what it is doing. I'm
>not saying its right, because it's wrong. Just because
>something is wrong doesn't mean you can ignore reality and
>say it won't happen. Israel's actions foster these suicide
>bombings, and make it easier for the average person to
>support them, as Pinko Panther eloquently points out in a
>post down below.

even IF everything stated above is true, people are responsibe for their own actions. and you cannot reasonably expect the world's sypmathies when you react by blowing up a cafe or bus. the problem is that the palestinians and their neighboring arab countries would like for israel to not exist at all, and they fund terrorist activities to try and accomplish that goal.

i agree with the people who say that the extremeists on both sides are holding the general population in a quagmire.

>As a Christian, I'm against suicide! I'd rather educate
>through the truth.

the part you should be against is the murder of innocent people, many of whom are the moderates that may even agree with some of the palestinian issues and causes. you being "anti-suicide" does not impress me, you've got an issue with the wrong part of the problem.