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Topic subjectRE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
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3739, RE: Palestine & Israel: Both wrong.
Posted by weez, Thu Oct-09-03 08:11 PM
you know, you should go apply for a position with hamas. you've got their rhetoric down pretty well, i'm sure you could throw on a suit and tie and give a really nice justification for the continuous murder of innocent civilians.

dont get me wrong, i sympathize with a lot of the points you are making, but nothing you can ever say will convince me that the terrorism being perpetrated by extemist troops is justified. one minute you say that its wrong, the next you say that israel will never have security as long as they etc.etc....

just like everything this complicated, its deeper than you or i think or can possibly imagine.

if you believe what you're saying so much, why don't you go over there and blow yourself up so i don't have to hear the rhetoric that inspires such behavior.