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Posted by insanejake, Wed Oct-08-03 10:52 PM
Isnt that largely because they lack the resources to control those things. As far as I remember, they were to be offered those things if they could police the land. They proved unable to do that. This is not to say it was a great deal, or that the Israelis dont screw the palestinians over, but you are offering a one sided story. That deal was the best deal on the table ever and since. The six million Jews living in Israel arent going anywhere.The "we were there first" argument holds no truck with me, because the Israelis could equally say that.

And while we are talking about funding, well it isnt as though the Arab world doesnt pour millions of dollars into terrorist groups (supposedly fighting for palestinians) and yet doesnt actually give the Palestinians themselves any money to change. This is because the Arabs have alwasy regarded the Palestinians as the Pariahs of the Arab world. This explains why Palestinians in Israel have lower rates of infant mortality and higher rates of literacy than Palestinians elsewhere in the middle east.

Your final point proves mine really. The Palestinians wont ever be able to move into a position of negotiation as long as that mentality remains.

I maintain (because I know Israelis soldiers) that most of those people (religous fanatics excepted) arent interested in killing innocent people, and humiliating old ladies, and many arent interested in joining the army at all, but they have to.

Picture the scene, you are a jumpy 18 year old with a machine gun and someone starts throwing rocks at you....

Or you are a 12 year old and you are going to start throwing rocks at a jumpy 18 year old with a machine gun. Would you have done that stuff unless you had been told to?

I think killing people is wrong. I think that training people to kill each other is wrong. I think that planning the deaths of yourself and or members of your family for political gain is wrong. Ill say it again, the bottom line is that killing people is wrong, no matter how good your reason is.