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Topic subjectRE: biological race is not real
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3718, RE: biological race is not real
Posted by OshunsChile, Tue Oct-28-03 10:37 AM
Evolution is the way of life on Earth and evolution/life thrives on diversity. If there were no diversity in humans, we humans as a whole would become extinct because if all of us, all 600 million of us tried to live the same way...meaning ate the same foods, used the same plants, animals, and other natural resources to build our homes, make our clothes et c...we would be extinct in less than 50yrs because we would use up all of those particular resources...therefore different types of humans require different things to survive and are biologically equipped to live in different areas. For example, most people of West Afrikan decent are lactose intolerant so would not thrive in a cattle herding culture and most Europeans red blood cells are not equipped to deal with malaria, making them less likely to survive in a tropical climate.So while race as a Eurocentric way of defining an inferior "other" is a fallacy, the diversity of the human family, is real an ordained by the Universe and the Creatress/tor. Humans are not the same scientifically and that is a GOOD thing.