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Topic subjectRE: biological race is not real
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3711, RE: biological race is not real
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Mon Oct-27-03 05:55 PM
yeah of course its not real, blacks, mexicans, etc are all thoroughly and disparately amalgamated yet all are viewed the same. most "races" are and on top of that many people are of more than one racial category. "social construction" is the term for it, but I gotta say, like most things, there is a problem, there is a term, but there aint no solution coming from the left

where there is a solution coming from, and a shitty one at that, is the right. i feel bad for asking, but did prop 54 pass in Cali? Ive been outta state for this whole recall fiasco. But thats what they propose, fine, no real race, no desire for racial categories and disparate practice, preference, etc, then lets not even acknowledge race'

this is not the way to go, because the social constructs ARE real and are important and they would like nothing more than to find a new one way to ignore them. When you see changes coming from the establishment, you know they are being made only to keep things the same, thus the cliche "the more things change the more they stay the same." Its not because of some innate human behavior or any bullshit like that, its by design