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Posted by Federisco, Thu Oct-16-03 01:59 PM
nah, DNA contains the colour of your skin, eyes, hair, etc.. yeah. but there are different DNA "types", and these types cross any category of race. if i remember right, race cannot be traced in the DNA. at least not so easily. and what is much easier to trace is the DNA type, which like i said crosses the races.

if i wasnt so tired, i'd look for an article i read, about a documentary that is showing science's answer to human diversity and differences. i think it is called "man out of africa" or "adam out of africa". in it, one of the strongest points of the scientists was that what has been called "race" is only cosmetic differences, caused by the climates that different groups of humanity have faced.

we're human beings nonetheless. dogs vary extremely in sizes and composition.. but our differences (aside from cultural) are minor and cosmetic, on the surface.

other parts of the documentary is about how humans migrated out of africa, and to what areas, and then add constant mixing, and how that has lead up to today.