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Topic subjectTo play devil's advocate ...
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3686, To play devil's advocate ...
Posted by keithdawg, Thu Oct-16-03 04:09 AM
I'm not disagreeing with you, but can you answer these questions? I'd simply like you to elucidate further. It seems to me like destroying the notion of 'race' is simply a game of semantics.

What word would we use to categorize the physical differences between different peoples?

Is the DNA of a black man not distinctly different than the DNA of an Eskimo?

Different facial, hair, muscle, skin and copious other qualities are different amongst different races. If race doesn’t account for this what does? Are we different breeds (like a Chocolate Lab as apposed to a Golden Retriever)?

"You fasten all the triggers,
For the others to fire,
Then you sit back and watch,
As the death count gets higher"-Bob Dylan

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But know right from wrong,
Or in the flood,
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I'm not sure what at,
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