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Topic subjectRE: biological race is not real
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3679, RE: biological race is not real
Posted by insanejake, Mon Oct-20-03 02:45 AM
Social Anthropology is UK cultural Anthropology.

As for blackness, well I reckon the Australian Aborigines are black, but their culture is wildly different from say, UK black culture, which itself is different from Masaai culture, which is different from Mbuti culture etc etc.

Black as term was invented by white people to describe the African 'other'.

Obviously, Black people appropriated this and used it as a tool of solidarity and some would say resistance against the dominant culture.

So from this we can see that Black is an invented term (by both white and black people), and I predict notions of blackness becoming increasingly fluid as people become more culturally accepting of others (which I believe is happening due to the homogeneity caused by US fueled globalisation...).

Not sure if I understood your point fully though, so I might just have spewed off some thoughts on a random issue...