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Topic subjectRE: biological race is not real
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3678, RE: biological race is not real
Posted by d_lyte_1, Thu Oct-16-03 05:23 AM
I respect your opinion and would agree. By concrete, I simply meant that it is something based on more than physical features, and is more easily defined. what is "black" in our culture may not be the same in a culture that doesn't hold to the "one-drop" rule. we can, however, look at food, customs, clothing, and other tangible items as being culturally distinct. I included religion and marriage as examples, but would wholeheartedly agree that politics & economics play large roles in almost every aspect of our lives.


btw, i am interested to know that there is a graduate program for "social anthropology". what school? it seems that anthro is inherently social, so what is the distinction? i'm considering grad school, so all new topics are of interest to me.