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Topic subjectNot exactly true (to play Devil's advocate)
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3672, Not exactly true (to play Devil's advocate)
Posted by MrMick, Fri Oct-17-03 08:49 AM
The human species may actually now be multiple, extremely closley related, but different species.

Think about it. A species of birds lives on a land mass that is broken into islands, and eventually form different colorations, beak styles/lengths, and other physical uniquenesses based on environment. Scientists will look at this and say that the species has then divided based on these externally induced changes.

Isn't it the same in humans? Didn't people in Europe gradually develop lighter skin tones based on environment? If you accept that we all started out from one race, most likely on the African continent (which I'm not inclined to dispute), then mustn't you also accept that the species split out of necessity as it expanded geographically?

This does not mean that we are not all humans, because we all have the same consciousness that makes us such. But the physical differences do exist.

PS-Although I don't agree entirely with someone like Jonathan Sacks' cultural and moral relativism, I do support his point about embracing the differences in others, as opposed to believing in or trying to enforce sameness throughout humanity.