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Topic subjectWhere do Europeans come from?
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3646, Where do Europeans come from?
Posted by Nettrice, Tue Oct-28-03 03:32 AM
>'Indo-Aryans' refer to PERSIANS, as well as Indians,
>Dravidians, and some Mediterranean groups.

My fault. I also meant Indo-Europeans from areas near the Caspian and Black seas.

None of us were separate at the beginning. Plus, the cradle of Western thought was around the Mediterranean, from Greece (Dorians). Patriarchy became solidly established with the Indo-Europeans at the end of the "Iron Age", across Rome, Persia, India, Greece, etc. These people went from nomadic to hunter-gatherer and set off in the conquest of agricultural areas that included areas where the people were more connected to the Earth (sedentary).

>Again, I have to disagree with you. Blaming imperialism on
>Europeans is a cop-out. Blaming the application of
>Industrial Imperialism is som,ething else, entirely.

I think what I am trying to discuss is the determination of what role Europeans played in "industrial" or "super" Imperialism. This phase of civilization is what I know most about and what I think helped to destroy many of my ancestors both in Africa and the Americas until today.