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Topic subjectOne last thing
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3644, One last thing
Posted by Nettrice, Mon Oct-27-03 07:36 PM
Clanic organization marks the beginning of civilization, when man ceases to no longer be just a animal. Nature was not enough, while some people choose to live in harmony with nature, others sought to master or dominate and control it. This is not by accident. I do believe that patrilineal, 'indo-aryan" people were more apt to conquer and spread out. There were many groups that organized, not for conquest, but to drive off enemies. Others developed more militaristic activities.

I do think that so-called "super imperialism" was to benefit Europe (and later the U.S.) over all others. In civilization and humanity, we are all connected but I think some have had a better time at seeking external power...global power at the expense of many people and the Earth. In general, Europeans and Asians, formerly "indo-aryan" stand out here.