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3636, Understood
Posted by Nettrice, Sun Oct-26-03 05:47 PM
It wasn't until way after the invention of the printing press (mass media) that poorer Europeans had a real sense of what was going on and then came all the "people's" revolutions (like France).

What has happened today is that some people are looking at some of those "non elite" people like some of the colonists and slavers who got rich off of imperialism and slavery in more recent times (17th and 18th centuries). Many of the European colonists such as the Puritans (Afrikaaners, etc.) were brutal to the native peoples in their quest to control and dominate the people who were already inhabiting the land. A lot of these folks were not wealthy and in some cases they were escaping persecution and poverty.

>all i wanted to say was that a lot of people around here
>toss around the 'european' term as if people in the 14th and
>15th century thought of themselves in that way. they didnt.

I don't agree. Why didn't the Germans rise up to stop Hitler? In general, regular folk's morale was so low and I am sure many (not all) secretely hoped that Hitler would succeed and bring the country back into the game as a world power after WWI.