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Topic subjectRE: It came from a basic premise
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3635, RE: It came from a basic premise
Posted by ovBismarck, Sun Oct-26-03 05:05 PM
all i wanted to say was that a lot of people around here toss around the 'european' term as if people in the 14th and 15th century thought of themselves in that way. they didnt. those europeans who were out conquering were the landed elite, the aristocracy, the rich, whatever in the hell you want to call them. you think the average european of that time period was worried about conquering foreign lands? no, they were worried about makin it on their own. the only reason im sayin this is because people on these boards seem to be under the impression that every european during this time period was some racist, crackpot, bent on world domination. thats all i wanted to say. i love history. its me major.