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3630, yeah that whole
Posted by CantCBob, Mon Oct-27-03 07:36 PM
Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere the Japanese had going on was definitely not that brutal. The Mongol empire wasn't the biggest in the history of the world, the Persians and Arabs didn't do the exact same shit to the Africans that the Europeans did(oh I guess its ok that they forced Islam on them and not christianity), the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans were actually just charitable organizations set to bring a better standard of living to all the peoples of central and south america, ditto on the egyptians and carthaginians regarding Africa, The ottomans? just a group of nice guys not trying to extract anything form the lands they conquered. the Hunns? just an older version of Greenpeace. you got us Nettrice. unfortunately you've got us where we always end up, covered in your bullshit. but then again your ignorance is probably just the fault of some white european somewhere along the line right? they fuck everything up.

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